No matter what plans you have, we can accommodate your needs! These prices give you an idea of what to expect when partnering with Big Map Travel. Let's plan the trip of your life!

book a flight

Flight deals happen in the blink of an eye. Would you rather pay $750 to get to South America or $450? Work with me to ensure you get the best deal on a flight to your destination. 

National Flights: $50/first person, $10 per additional person

International Flights: $75/first person, $10 per additional person

flight+ Lodging

Looking for the full package? I'll coordinate your flight, lodging for up to three locations, and up to three activities at your destination. 

Cost: $300/first person, $50 per additional person

custom plans

Traveling to more than one country? Looking for even more activities or lodging? Long-term vacationing with a big group? Fill out this form to get started on your next big trip!