It all started when...

In 2007 I had never been out of the country and found myself on a plane headed for four months of studying abroad in Costa Rica. I was very, very nervous. I landed late in the evening, found my taxi driver and zoomed out of the capital towards Puntarenas where I would be staying.  

We arrived late, my host mom didn't answer the door for 30 minutes and when she did she spoke very little English and I spoke almost no Spanish at this point. She showed me my room, I sat down on my bed and wondered what I was getting into. I woke up the next day to a lovely meal and my host dad drove me around the city, pointing out the beach a block away I had missed the night before. 

My life changed that morning and over the period of the next four months. I traveled throughout the tiny Central American country, learned some Spanish, zip-lined, stayed in hostels and met countless others traveling the region.  I hadn't realized traveler was a lifestyle but quickly adapted to it, spending half of 2009 backpacking around South America, visiting a total of 19 countries since that life changing evening.  


Since that trip, traveling has always been a key part of my life. I am almost always planning the next trip, whether it's to state parks in Iowa or to explore Machu Picchu. 

Amazing travel starts with a plan. First, the destination(s). Then, deciding where you want to spend your time and money most. Is it a luxurious hotel near the Eiffel Tower or is it daily cooking classes on the river? Finally, it's about putting the pieces together to make your travels as seamless as possible.

Nothing is worse than not feeling prepared, especially in a country with a language you're not totally familiar with. There are so many unknowns, which is where I come in. I do the work, the research, the travel, and the legwork to make sure your vacation is just that... a vacation.

Enjoy the precious time you have traveling by setting up a time to get the details ironed out with Big Map Travel. We can't wait to see where you go next...

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